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A Pirate's Beginning

Our hero was born on a pirate ship in 1666. The captain of the vessel and his crew had caught his mother, the mermaid Adriana, off the coast of the Cape of Despair, after a week long chase across the uncharted Great Western Oceans.

Exhausted to the point of death, so the story goes, she gave up the chase and was captured on the rocky beach of a forgotten island, and subsequently enslaved within the dark belly of the ship for the remaining year of her existence.

The pirates did as is a pirate's wont when presented with opportunity and a mermaid, and became experimentors of the scales and the flesh in an endeavour to satisfy their unbridled carnality. In short, Adriana suffered innumerable crimes against her physical incarnation, ultimately arriving at her being with child, the birth of that un-natural child some nine months later, and her ensuing death in the process.

The pirates knew no shame, and left the child to die on an island beach, where it was rescued by natives.

Thus did our hero arrive on the planet, little knowing the hideous truth of his origin until many, many years later. When he discovered the truth, he did what any self-respecting orphan hybrid would do, and set out to seek revenge...

Where and how he found it are chapters to come...

Story by:

Hook the Younger

submitted at 15.19am

27 October 2007