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Ever since he was a young boy

The Search for Gordon Lewis would continue for the next 8 days in earnest. After that things would, as always, wane somewhat. There would be new news by then, other headline grabbers fighting for Perry’s attentions and the focus of his considerable talents. He was the modern day gun for hire, metaphorically speaking of course, Perry hated guns.

Although for the time being though, the information on the current target was that he was last seen in room 218 of the Ibiscus Hotel, Mykonos. However from what he had seen so far, Perry was starting to think that this cat just didn’t want to be found.

When not diligently attending to his day job, Perry’s main other talent was pinball, he particularly favoured the Lethal Weapon and Batman machines of the mid 90’s, their glitch’s meant that with one coin and a small amount of luck in avoiding the tilt, he could last an entire evening. Thus driving Duncan, the fat barman, almost apoplectic in the process. Today’s machines however had no soul, with no small amount of sadness he would nevertheless play on.

Where would his search take him next, Soho.....? Brighton...? Perry didn’t really care as long as his expenses were covered by the wealthy widow. His personal and private thoughts in actual fact, if Perry was to be completely honest, were that he had, from the get go, always considered Gordon Lewis to be a rather stupid name for a cat...

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submitted at 8:22am

5 December 2007