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Fish Story

"Hi, honey, Iím home" he hollered as he opened the front door and wiped his feet on the mat. He couldnít wait to get cleaned up, have a light supper and go to sleep in his own bed. He hadnít gotten much rest of late; his accommodations had been far less than "five-star".

"Donít Ďhi honeyí me you good-for-nothing layabout," a womanís voice answered stridently from the kitchen.

She entered the hallway drying her hands on a dish towel, real menace in her glance.

"You leave on another of your Ďmissionsí," she began barely pausing for breath, "and you donít come back for over three days! I was worried sick. Not to mention, Avramís teacher wants to see us concerning his behavior and Esther is giving me a hard time about doing her chores. I donít understand half of what sheís saying anymore Ė all kinds of nonsense about I-pods and text-messages. As for you Ö nothing but talk, thatís all youíre good for. And donít you dare start with some longwinded excuse. Iíve had it. No more of your outrageous stories. Iím about ready to call the lawyer!"

He looked down at the floor and sighed. There wasnít an easy way out of this one. Jonah knew sheíd never believe the part about that damn whale.

Story by:

James C. Clar

submitted at 5:52pm

20 April 2009

James C. Clar's web: