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Struggling With Goodbye

My adrenaline pulsed through my aching body; I was bruised and battered from head to toe. Knees cracked, attempting to give out from underneath me, staggering I focused my attention back to the half-burnt wooden door. The darkness of the night weighed down my shoulders and caused me to struggle for each step. Yellow grass invaded the front yard, once green and full of life now dead and still lingering like a faithful ghost. I quivered and shook like an old woman slowly losing the will to live, with the time on my clock ticking down I continued on. My crackling body smashed into the door causing it to whine and shake with pain.

I entered and glided over the grass, to a particular stone with a well-known marking.

"Here lays Justin Perl, caring faithful husband of Emery Perl and beloved friend."

I withered down to the earth; this was the fifth time reading that tombstone. I laid down beside my husband, my tender heart forever looking for him.

Story by:

Rona Cummings

7 November 2012