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35 Years Ago

I ran out to the porch letting the screen door slam behind. Mom stood on the porch wringing her hands and watching. James my brother carried two cases and walked towards the road.

"Momma, where is James going? Is he coming back?" She shushed me never taking her eyes off my brother's back. I looked again, trying to see through the tears. He wore his best brown suit coat and fedora hat. He carried a suitcase and his tools. My tears fell harder.

"James! James wait!" His steps stopped, he turned around and looked at me. He set the small case down, slowly raised his hand to his lips and blew me a kiss. He stared at us for a minute, then picked up his case and started walking again. Mom looked at the sterling silver bracelet he had made for her. She ran her finger over the scroll design, tears running down her face. She wiped her eyes with her cherry red apron.

I stood on the porch long after I couldn't see James any more. I was young when he left to become a jeweller. Father thought it was a hair brained idea; he should just work at the mill like he did. That was 35 years ago. Mom passed on; dad sits on the porch in a wicker rocking chair, staring at the road. The memory etched in my mind; James never made it to where ever. We would have heard from him if he had. Wouldn't we?

Story by:

DeNisa Howe

16 November 2012