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Master & Servant

She woke up on another Earth. Blood shores heaved, nut brown skin shimmered, eyes rolled back. Brain spun as she tried to remember where, who, and what she was. Terrain was lush primeval forest painted in black and gray; it rolled and stretched through her vision in a most unnerving way. She recoiled, low to ground, eyes wildly skewering underbrush, searching for hidden things beneath surface. In the distance, a strange, strangled scream emerged. Girl started, breath coming in shallow spurts.

Approaching now from Northeast was the walking, living skeleton of a huge dinosaur with long tentacles and silvery clipped wings. She attempted to run, but found she couldn't move. Tears poured forth in sheer horror. Creature came near and to her complete surprise, bowed down on one knee, placing gruesome ivory head upon ground. Against her will Girl felt shallow shell of her body magnetically drawn to this petrifying, awesome beast. She rose in trance, moved several feet forward, and climbed upon the neck of the dinosaur-dragon. In one rapid, silken motion the creature shot into air like a rocket, cold sky flashed, and master and servant vanished.

Story by:

Susan Lively

19 November 2012

Susan Lively's web: