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House Too Full

She stood across from me, her expression burning as a roaring fire.

"How could you do this to me Jack?" she stared at the velveteen box until it seemed her eyes would bleed from the sheer concentration.

"It's a diamond not a death sentence!" I had intended my tone to be accusatory, but in fact, it had turned strangled and defeated. We had been building this house for years. Starting with a fragile base and over time the structure we had built towered above everything else. I thought each piece meant it grew stronger, but it seemed as we grew taller together the slightest of breezes threatened to tear our house down.

"I wanted to marry you, why is that a crime?" I heard the tears in the back of my throat, suffocating me. She was digging up my heart as if it were a weed, her spade cutting deeper and deeper at the roots. I wanted her to be the Queen to my King, but it seemed she had different plans. The wind grew stronger then and I felt the shiver as the walls began to shake. With gale force, the gust clubbed at what I thought was a perfect home. But that's what happens when you build a house of cards.

Story by:

Emma Powell

20 November 2012