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Til Death Do We Part

Accidentally marrying a troll was a horrible mistake. Divorce didn't exist for trolls. It was "until death do you part", and trolls lived a long time.

Evie scrubbed harder at the stain on the linoleum tile floor. He thought about the Pythagorean Theorem more than he thought about her, and that was saying something since Leroy hated math. If their house was on fire, he'd save the boombox before her.

His music pulsed through the walls, making her miniature glass unicorns vibrate on the kitchen shelves.

"Damn him," she grumbled. "Turn down the music, Leroy!"

The decibel level didn't drop a single hair.

Grabbing the phone, Evie hit number five on the speed dial for the Police. She knew her rights. She'd already had him arrested once for playing dominoes on Sunday. It was a lesser known law in Alabama, but it was still on the books, so the police had to haul him in.

While she waited on hold, her husband appeared around the corner. "You filthy witch! Who do you think you're callin'?"

Before she replied, his foot hit the soapy stain she was working on, and down he went like a sack of sand. His head made a hollow crunching sound as it hit the floor.

"Leroy?" She stretched as far as the phone cord allowed. A puddle of blood seeped out in a halo around his head. She nudged him with her toe and jumped back. He didn't move. In fact, he didn't breathe.

Evie smiled.

Story by:

Lisa Kessler

21 November 2012

Lisa Kessler's web: