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The Anorexic's Mother

Draw yourself. How much do you weigh? Is that what you think you look like? Here, Iíve brought you a mirror. What do you see? You feel trapped inside that body, donít you, a little girl, not so much a body as a snowsuit. Itís been a long time since youíve sat down for meal with others and actually eaten what you wanted. You always suspect that everyone there is judging you, measuring each bite, secretly laughing at you when they think youíre not looking, that they are seeing you naked in ways that have nothing to do with not wearing clothes. Thatís why you feel as if youíre terribly alone. You see? I know you better than you think.

I went through the same thing myself when I was your age. Canít we talk about this? Here, put your arm through the bars of the cage like Hansel just did. Here. Iíve brought you brownies.

Story by:

J. Boyer

submitted at 3:55am

21 April 2009