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Action Man Jon Edwards

Action Man Jon Edwards rounded the kitchen curve with his pistol raised high then firing quickly, with only a trace of recoil at the fast moving Shadow Man now streaming blood.Shadow Man yelled back at Edwards with ridiculous bravado not heard since an 80s spaghetti Western, Edwards couldn't hear what Shadow Man said precisely, because the dishwasher was on full cycle in the kitchen, but he thought it may have been:

"A Mobius Strip could shoot straighter than that, losing your touch, Edwards?"

In frustrated response he pulled his pump action shotgun from his duffle bag and released two more blasts before the shadow disappeared into the all-consuming darkness.

There was a blood trail, Edwards flicked his long finger into it...he's human and a philosopher or a mathematician to boot,,,he observed with interest, now moving carefully into the darkness passed the kitchen and into the shadowy lounge room.

He thought, he sensed rather than saw, or perhaps he saw rather than sensed a figure, but because he was a lifetime seasoned Action Man Agent he hesitated before firing and touched the figure in the surreal darkness.

Shadow Man fell onto Action Man and with a last rasping, gasp, said something unintelligible, it could have been a cuss word, any way the guy was dead; Jon Edwards scratched a notch into his shotgun with a letter opener he found on the mantelpiece and walked back through the kitchen and emptied the steaming hot just finished dishwasher, he hated an untidy kitchen.

Story by:

Martin Goulding

20 December 2012