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Victor sat down for a game of Monopoly with some of his friends from the stock firm. After a few rolls of the dice, Victor noticed that Marvin Gardens had been replaced by Forest Oak Road, his street, on the game board, occupied by an iron, shoe, hat, and plastic green house. Bewildered by this turn of events, Victor stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. In front of his property, he saw a cast iron 5-foot tall shoe, a large iron hat, and a small green cottage that seemed to be built from an exotic variety of twigs.

Victor pressed his nose against the one lone window of the cottage, and encountered a vision of orange $500 bills, grandiose 'Community Chests', and strangely dancing 'Chance' question marks. The green cottage reminded him of one of his past financial coups, a small green orphanage. Victor had succeeded in leveraging this asset for sizable profits. The orphans were removed, some ending up on the slums of Baltic Ave.

Victor decided to walk further down the street, where he saw a Stop sign that read 'DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200'. He turned away from the sign and crossed the railroad tracks, where he was hit by the oncoming Short Line Railroad. Floating into unconsciousness, Victor eventually woke up in the big red hotel. But this hotel was not on the Boardwalk, it was below it, way below, on fire. And no room service was available.

Story by:

Eric Suhem

22 December 2012

Eric Suhem's web: