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The Next Steppe

Injured in a tragic Kama Sutra accident, Sasha could no longer work his dream job as a stunt double in the porno movie industry. With that he lost his work visa, and by October poor Sasha found himself back on the Russian Steppes. Once again riding with the Cossacks, and it all seeming like he'd never left. Worst of all were the "I told you so", and "What were you thinking" remarks. They only heightened and defined his humiliation. He'd come home a failure, with his tail between his legs.

In light of this, dreaming of a job on the line at the ball bearing factory in Kolpashevo, became like an escape to heaven for him. Day after day, his Cossack band went about its boring Cossack tasks. Driving off foreign armies, or maybe just helping poor peasants in distress, are such mundane endeavours. In the factory though, urgent things took place under desperate circumstances. You'd bring steel balls to the guy who in turn put them inside the actual bearing itself! The whole scene was excitement itself! As a Cossack, it seemed you just repeated the same things time and again. It took a toll on him.

One day in January, Sasha sat mounted with his unit outside Sudzhensk. Waiting to pounce on bandits there. Now though his emotional storm came to a head. He found himself in the midst of a cavalry charge, and his arm raised his sword as a matter of instinct. As red spattered the snow, a teardrop with weight enough to crush the world, rolled down his cheek. Never had he been so far from the dreams of his youth.

Story by:

John Drenga

30 December 2012