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No Path To Stardom

I thought things were really going my way. One night in Seattle, I played a gig with my band that I'll always remember. It was just the three of us playing in a little coffee house. We had guitar, bass and drums. I figured that was all we needed because we were plenty loud and the twenty people in the audience seemed to enjoy it.

There was one man who seemed to like us more than anyone else. He was a small guy with a white beard. He watched us play our set and he just smiled and bobbed his head. I had hoped he was someone important and as it turned out, that was the way he presented himself.

He approached me after the show with a real sense of confidence. He said his name was Pete Duncan and that he worked for a record label and wanted to record us. Pete handed me a tape of some music he said he had produced. He also gave me his card and I gave him my phone number. I was pretty happy.

Unfortunately, I wasn't happy when I went home and played the tape. It was just plain creepy because there was no music on the recording. It was just Pete. He was humming in a creepy, unsettling voice. The sound gave me chills.

Pete ended up calling me throughout the week. He left messages on my answering machine but I knew he wasn't a record producer. He just kept telling me he was running for president.

Story by:

John Kujawski

12 January 2013