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Living Next To A Psychopath

My neighbor is a creep. I'm sure of it. I don't know if he's into murder or mutilation or small children or bestiality or house plants, but I know he's up to something grotesque.

Whenever I see these news stories about the murderers and the pedophiles, even the completely crazy ones that chop up their lovers and their babies and stuff them in the piano, they always interview these people that say "He was a normal guy" or "I never would've expected this." And then they show the picture of the guy and he is this absolute freak with some deranged expression that says I chop up my lovers and babies and stuff them in the piano. Well, when they interview me about my neighbor, I won't seem like those naive neighbors. I'll say I always suspected he was up to something.

In the meantime, I'll just wait to see what type of deranged activity the man performs. I bet it's worse than I can even imagine. Heck, he's probably doing it right now. Maybe I'll go have a look.

Story by:

Nathaniel Tower

19 January 2013

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