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Two Cents In Reno

He said, "Aw, Luanne, the two cents game never ends nice."

"We can't afford to do anything else. Would you rather sit out here in the shade or go sit in the hot trailer?"

He said, "You always did have your two cents to put in."

"This move to Reno to go bust on Keno was your two cents, high roller. I'll go first."

He said, "Easy. Keep them on the picnic table. They'll get lost in the weeds. Well, what do they remind you of? Quick. No thinking!"

"Earrings. Nice ones, Marty. Your roll."

"They make me think of nipples. Damn, don't throw them. You almost hit my eye."

She said, "You deserved it. My roll. The heads up is a man in a suit. The tails up is a big house. Yep, a man in a suit with a big house."

"I see how it is. My roll, then. Oh boy, two pennies. Twins, both named Penny. Your roll. Don't throw the damn coins!"

She said, "I see two mean brown eyes like yours. You treat me cruel."

"No, it's you that's cruel. There, a snow woman with no head. No mouth, thank God. She'd keep her frigid, gold digging yap shut."

She said, "I see two dimes, from back when I could drop them in a payphone and have my parents come get me."

He said, "I rolled two aspirin for my headache. I'm sorry, don't cry. Earrings. I see earrings."

Story by:

Carly Berg

21 January 2013