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Dedicated Secret

I'm winding, wandering, wondering when the DJ will make the announcement. Mary, the girl who is dying to be my fiancé, sits smiling and leaning her head on my shoulder. We press deeper into the country and the road changes from asphalt to dirt and then two tracks with a centre of grass. Song after song, dedication after dedication, the DJ pours out memories for couples everywhere.

- This song goes out for Deanna in memory of that special day.

- This one is for Billy from a secret admirer.

I park the car under an old oak and leave the radio on. Mary hums tunelessly as she pulls the blanket and cooler from the trunk.

- June asked if I could play something sweet for Thomas, the love of her life.

"I made tuna salad, your favorite."

I hate tuna salad. I regret saying I liked it months ago in an effort to be nice. Who eats salad for dinner? Who in their right mind would call fish and macaroni a salad? It's not just the salad that's annoying.

- And this one goes out to Mary in the middle of nowhere.

"Mary's Last Ride" blares as I turn up the radio.

Story by:

Dave Morehouse

25 January 2013

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