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Either Way

If it's a joke it's not funny and if it's serious I'm screwed but my boyfriend's an asshole either way, sending me in here at 2 a.m. to buy a pack of Marlboros while he got gas, but it was cold and I had to pee so I got out and walked into this hickville convenience store - ignored Three Chins glaring behind the rack of Valentine's chocolate on the counter, sat on the toilet and stared at the crotch of my panties not counting the days since my last period (can't be since Christmas, not really) - got the cigarettes, went back and his truck was gone, the lot empty, just me and a stray cat and the MinitMart sign buzzing in the dark but I don't panic since I can picture him idling down the road, busting up about me having a breakdown in this goddamn parking lot; probably just trying to scare me, so he'll drive up in ten minutes, laughing - aw, baby, don't cry, couldna left without my sweatshirt anyway - but I'm not even positive he'll be back, he could already be on 80 tearing his way west, so I buy a Coke and consider buying a pregnancy test to pass some time before he comes back or I have to beg Three Chins to use the phone, but I've only got five bucks in my pocket and either way, I guess I don't really want to know.

Story by:

Claire Schulz Ivett

27 January 2013