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Swimming in the river is OK. The centre line is the border. Pay attention to the whirls and don't stay in the water too long. You must not drown - not even catch a cold. Don't go to water parks. Save your money, because books are getting expensive. The money in your wallet should be put to good use. I can still see a lot through the gap between my curtains, you know. I sometimes look across the river, and I couldn't help noticing the expectant glances from my proud neighbor. The money must stay in your wallet, because the heirs of readers drowned in whirls or undercooled to death may spend their money on pop concerts or on monthly ski passes, who knows. Don't cram your home with superfluous stuff. Leave some room for a voluminous and equally superfluous book. Get your newspaper from the waste paper bin and keep your knowledge up to date by reading regularly. Love your wife, your children, your friends and relatives intensively. Because the contents of my book will in no way replenish your mind or your emotions. Stay at home on moonlit nights, and during the day as well, even when the weather is fine, because any disruption of my walks would delay the completion of the book. And don't buy it in the small bookstore by the bridge, you would only be prolonging its agony. Order it online at...

Story by:

Rupprecht Mayer

12 February 2013

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