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The Grand Slam

"It's going..."



"A grand slam home run, folks! Can you believe it? With a single swat of the bat, Rusty McCormick has just won the World Series for the Eunice Eagles! An amazing comeback for the home town team."

Arms raised, Rusty trots the bases, tuned in to the sound of the crowd as they rise to their feet chanting:

"Rust-teee, Rust-teee, Rust-teee."


Granny, hands on her hips, stands staring.

"Did'yu toss another ball over the fence? Lord o'mighty, boy... what'd my gonna do with you?" She shakes her head. "Well, go on...git your hands washed...time for supper."

Rusty nods, spins his wheelchair around, and heads across the porch for the kitchen door.

Story by:

Jim Bartlett

15 February 2013