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Mozart's Requiem

Finally, the song fell to its ending. The last few notes panged from the wooden frame of the piano as the orchestra fell quiet. Everything was silent. Then the crowd erupted into applause. Men and women stood from their seats, their gowns and suits wrinkled. The orchestra stood and bowed as Ren looked slowly up from her piano. She stood and faced the dark pit of faceless applause before her.

She recalled the feel of the cool porcelain of the side of their tub under her thighs from when she sat in the yellow bathroom of her and her husband's apartment. She'd been ill, and the air still held a dank stench of her sick. She'd pulled out a pregnancy test from the back of the bathroom cabinet. Her hands shook as she placed the used white stick on the floor by her toes. A purple plus faced her. She didn't know whose it was.

The stage lights warmed her cold skin as she held her shoulders back and felt the wetness of her cheeks. The velvet curtains then released and fell in front of her, encasing her in doubt.

Story by:

Amanda Sherwood

15 February 2013