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The first fleshy fingers appeared in May after three days of continuous rain. By the June the arms embraced the tree in protest of the high warm winds. The legs began their journey on the opposite side of the tree by month's end. The toes made their appearance under the bottom branch and the feet stood in the shade of the tree in the searing heat of July. By mid-August the torso emerged; headless. As the first leaves continued to rust through October and November the growing went on and on. At the first frost her green-grey eyes awoke from their slumber. On the first snow-laden blue sky day, the hands reached up to smooth her long swirling locks of hair. She stood, stretched her limbs and smoothly walked off in the direction of the woods leaving a trail of barefoot prints. The first fleshy fingers appeared in May.

Story by:

Mary Ellen Friday

17 February 2013