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Angry Acclaim

Consuming in the aftermath of blood, rumbles and opiate maelstrom, Hush Carnal yelled to the squirming cockroach, "JINX YER GUILTY HABIT... Immigrant wretch!" The anxiety succeeded in reinforcing his desire to kill the cockroach and lighten the load. His alcoholic indulgence and his opium high did little to abate the effect the cockroach had on his consciousness. "I shall KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YOUUUUUUUUUUU!" he screamed with tiny strings of spit and phlegm pouring from between his purple lips. The cockroach moved on and he cursed, "Damn YOUUUUU!". His eyes rolled in insane angry circles as he staggered closer to the cockroach. "I shall KILLLLLLL YOUUUUUU ALLLLL, YOUR BROTHERS YOUR PARENTS AND YOUR CHILDRENNNNNNNNNN!" The cockroach crawled slowly to the far wall of the kitchen and hid behind the bread box. It had no sense of what fate might offer except for a few crumbs of bread and a place to lay eggs.

"I Shall SMAAASSSSSHHH YOURRRRRRRRR HEADDDDDD YOU SON OF A WITCH!" He threw the breadbox to the floor and stomped on it promptly breaking his ankle in three places. "YEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" he screamed as the pain coursed through his foot. The cockroach moved on to a container of sugar stored in a porcelain bowl and there he found peace if a cockroach can find peace.

Hush sat on the floor moaning for the next three hours and later, after the opium high had given up he would bandage his ankle, nevertheless he would always walk with a limp.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

28 February 2013

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