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There was a Big Lie and a little lie. One day they bumped into each other. They decided to sit together in a street corner café, and talk. Sipping a large cappuccino to soothe his nerves, the Big Lie commenced: "The times were hard. It was difficult to make the right choice. Lives were at stake. One thing after another had to go, first the diamonds and gold, then the clothes, then hair, then dignity, and finally health. When there was nothing, absolutely nothing left, except for dear life, I came to being."

For a few moments, they both remained silent. Then the Big Lie swallowed a few gulps of his cappuccino and added pensively: "But it was morally wrong."

"Really?" said the little lie unconcernedly, sipping his small espresso.

Story by:

Joanna Kurowska

4 March 2013

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