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Box of Chocolates

The box of dark chocolate mixed creams and nuts beckoned from the coffee table like a beacon in the night, guiding the weary sojourner through choppy waters.

Anna began to muse on the delicacies halfway through the department meeting, her stomach growling, lunch a distant memory. Her right knee bounced as she glanced at the clock, bemoaning how slowly the hands inched to quitting time. When they managed to reach five, Anna let out a sigh of relief, fleeing the glass and steel building without a backward glance, her mind fixed on the chocolate.

Inside the sanctuary of her tidy bungalow, Anna dashed into the living room and settling on the sofa, picked up the candy box and held it reverently before opening it. She loved the old fashioned feel of the raised cardboard design, flowers crafted in a faux cross stitch. The first simple embroidery her mother taught Anna as a child.

Anna slowly lifted the lid for her quiet indulgence before the front door was flung open admitting the ensuring chaos. Trying to decide which one shed choose, she was startled by what she found. She pawed through the empty fluted papers once holding sweets.

Rummaging through the papers in disbelief, Anna found a small piece of pink paper, folded in a tiny square, a message scribbled in familiar handwriting.

"Sorry, I ate the last piece. Ill buy some more." And with the discovery, Anna let out a long, gut wrenching scream.

Story by:

Janet Yung

submitted at 5:39pm

22 April 2009