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The Villain At The Hospital

They didn't remove his mask until the ambulance arrived at the hospital. I thought that was a good thing because the mask meant a lot to my friend. He didn't want anyone to see his face. He wanted to appear like he was the devil and he loved it when kids mouths dropped when they saw him. If given a chance, sometimes he'd insult the parents of the children. He enjoyed being a jerk.

On this particular night, he had been a force to be feared. It seemed like a lot of people were surprised by his strength and aggression. Even I was stunned when he cut himself with the razor blade. The site of all the blood was quite intense.

I can't say that I was prepared for what ultimately happened even though I was told that even the biggest and scariest go down at some point. Mistakes happened and that's what stretchers and medics were for.

That night at the emergency room, I found out that my friend had a concussion and a few broken bones. I figured that once he recovered, he'd be viewed as a hero and not the villain he was known as.

I really didn't mind hanging out at the hospital, though. I just wish they'd shown a better program on television when I was in the waiting room. I had to sit through some special report about professional wrestling. It was about how the whole thing was a fake.

Story by:

John Kujawski

15 March 2013