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A Tiny Little Big Step

My life is like a time machine. I keep going into my past and trying to fix and recapture what should just be left alone. It messes everything up and ultimately makes the present not only a disaster, but also less important. My relationship with my ex boyfriend is something I can't let go of and it's ruining my life. After our break up we promised to be friends. The other day he called me and called me his baby and his one and only like it was nothing. While we were together all he did was treat me like I was just there because people needed to be in combinations of two. Why is he valuing me now? So today he called me and I told him that maybe we shouldn't talk as much and that being friends doesn't really make any sense. He freaked out and asked me why. I told him that our sex was great and being held was great, but how could we be friends now when we were never friends in the first place? We said our good-byes and hung up.

It's been three months and I haven't jumped back in that time machine. I think it's going to be a good year.

Story by:

Ethan Steers

29 March 2013