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Arctic Incident

On the stand, the mechanic stood waiting for the pilots. It was night and the wind was blowing cold, the railing frosted over. The pilots stepped out. The mechanic spoke.

"We had some issues on this flight."

The first pilot hurried down the stand. The second pilot stood pat. "The faulty gear door light came on."

The mechanic looked up and asked him, "Did you use auto-pilot all the way in?"

The pilot said, "Yes," then hurried down the stairs.

The first pilot was in the crew shuttle flitting with his luggage. The shuttle pulled away. The first pilot, done flitting with the luggage, looked up and ran his hand through his silver hair. "Did we really just drop back there?"

The second pilot sat down across from the first. He let out his breath. "Yes we did," he said.

The first pilot took a shorter, deep breath. "Yes we did," he echoed.

The shuttle moved on. Outside the wind kept blowing cold. Through the open door the two pilots could feel it. Two more pilots sat down inside the shuttle.

"I guess we will fly out in the morning," the second pilot said.

The shuttle pulled slowly away.

Story by:

D.S. Jones

3 April 2013

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