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Muffin Mix

A six year old me is in the kitchen, adding ingredients to a mixing bowl. My mom suggested we make muffins, so I eagerly got out the ingredients. As I started mixing them, she went to hide in her room. She didn't emerge until I was adding the last ingredient to make the basic mix. I was just about to add the chocolate chips when she sent me out, offering to finish for me. I went to wait watching TV, while the muffins baked. They were beginning to smell delicious, and as the timer went off, I ran into the kitchen. She pulled them out of the oven, and onto a cooling rack. I wish I knew what she did in her room all day. After they were cooled enough for me to pick one up, I took a big bite, excitedly. But when I took a bite, it wasn't sweet and gooey like it was supposed to be. It was crunchier and tougher. She replaced my chocolate chips with raisins.

Story by:

Paige Herle

23 April 2013