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By The Light Of The Moon

CARMODY: What direction is the moon?

BLIGHT: North by up?

There were no streetlights on the highway for about two miles across the sandy river wash, so he sped up to sixty-five and was going that fast when he passed the California Highway Patrol cruiser parked off the road in the dark.

He saw the police headlights come on just after he went by, but instead of slowing down, he kept going and where the road curved off to the left, he speeded up. Still no lights in his rear-view mirror, so he took a sharp right turn into a little road and switched off his headlights.

He watched the cop go by in the mirror and, then, just as he turned his headlights back on he saw the cul-de-sac come to an end. The upcoming curbs looked several feet tall and he slammed on the brakes. The tires shrieked, the car swerved, and then went into a full brodie skid, ending up facing backwards in the middle of the road.

The lights in several houses switched on, then porch lights, and, finally, several people came out to see what had happened.

"You all right?" a man in pyjamas hollered over to him.

He had crossed his arms on the steering wheel and leaned his head on the arms. His heart was pounding.

"Want us to call the police?" a nice woman called out to him. "They could be here in a minute."

Story by:

Charles D. Tarlton

23 April 2013