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Remaking A Family

She was glad to have her husband back. Even with small changes. They did not have his eye colour and his voice box lacked the stutter, small quirks she fell in love with.

But the robot knew his moves. Even if his kisses were cold. She had checked his manual but there was no way to fix the problem. She resolved to get used to it since they were in the crash.

She thought she would never see him again so she was glad she have more than pictures. Something - someone - she could hold. She cleared her mind when her son ran in the room.

Thank heaven he was not in the car when they had the accident. At least now they were together. Still a family. She pecked his cheek and told him to get ready for school.

Her son smiled, but tried to stop his shaking. He didn't want to hurt her feelings. Or say how cold her kisses were.

Story by:

Matthew Wilson

24 April 2013