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Sometimes, we would stop fighting, and you'd see that the soldiers in the trenches across the way were men just like you.

I remember one Christmas, when we were singing "Silent Night," and the boys over on the other side heard us, and they started singing too. That's how it was. We would sing a piece of "Silent Night" in German, and then the British boys, they would sing some. It was like that all through the night. And when one group of us stopped singing, some other group down the trench line would pick it up.

It was a dark, beautiful night; the soldiers singing and the snow falling softly from the sky like a poor man's miracle. A beautiful night. Showed us that despite the fighting we were still all good men, just doing what we had to do.

This was early on in the war.

Story by:

John Guzlowski

30 April 2013