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Routine Guy

Jack was a creature of habit. Everyday during the week he would leave work at five on the dot and walk to his car where he would get comfortable, start the engine, start the tape which had kept him company on the way home for the entirety of his working life and finally depart for home. He would always arrive home just as the fifth song was coming to its end and he would turn off the engine before the sixth song had a chance to start. It was the same at weekends except the journey would be longer and would start on that often-anticipated sixth song before going all the way through side two before stopping. He would then stop off for a drink wherever it was he had ended up that day and shortly after would drive home, listening to however much of the tape the journey time allowed. It was a pleasing experience and Jack saw no point in changing his routine.

Story by:

Bradford Middleton

9 May 2013