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Ancient Aliens

Traffic was stop-and-go for miles, and they were bickering again about his theories on extraterrestrial influences through time. How some of the most famous gunslingers of the Old West were really alien androids, testing our capabilities. And how they've been at it from day one, when we were knuckle-scraping the ground, and how else could you explain half the weird and remarkable shit in this world. From antiquity, in particular. And she knew better than to get into religion. So, at some point, she just looked out at the creepy-crawly lanes of traffic, till they finally passed the long truck on its side, carrying a load of porta-potties. The cop cars and the flares and the ambulance. And it all suddenly sounded even sillier than usual. How there was so much to think about that didn't involve a visit from another planet. Was right there. Like the lump, for instance, she hadn't mentioned. Which was probably nothing. Just another bullet whizzing by without results. And, Oh, Christ. Not the pyramids. Not the goddamn pyramids again.

Story by:

Robert Scotellaro

27 May 2013