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The Storm

She heard the seagulls over the water and the wind was blowing harder. She'd read the letter from Samuel twice, and her feelings were as unsettled as the darkening sky all around her. He, at one time, was very influential in her life helping her to see her potential in a way no one else could. She gave herself completely to him, but the whisky had eaten away at the bond like a cancer. His drunken rages scared her more than anything, and the wind was blowing hard, and she could hear the house creak behind her. Sand kicked up from the wind. The radio reported severe thundershowers and she decided to move into the house. She thought she should separate from Samuel for awhile, maybe, until he went to AA for awhile. She knew deep down that the marriage wouldn't work as long as he drank. She folded up her beach chair and laid it on the deck and entered the house through the sliding door. The sound of the surf diminished when she slid the door shut. He'd been napping on the couch a half an hour ago when she went outside. It was getting dark and she didn't know where he'd gone. He liked to walk the beach "in weather" as he put it so she thought he'd gone outside to watch the storm come in. She realized she'd made no provision if the power should go out. They could build a fire in the fireplace and cook hotdogs on a stick if they had to. Samuel would be angry at the lack of preparation on her part, but as long as he had whisky, it didn't matter to him. She knew his criticizing her and undermining her confidence had an effect which contributed to her not getting the contract. She was capable of meeting the needs of the customer, but because she had doubts about herself, she lost out. It wasn't that way in the beginning; he would support and encourage her to take chances, but after the marriage and the miscarriage he became darker and sullen. Then his brother was killed in Afghanistan. She heard the wind and sand hitting the windows. She went to a window to see if she could see him on the beach. The waves were big ! and there was a lot of water high up on the beach. She gasped,

"Oh, my God," when she saw the body.

Story by:

Jack Coey

30 May 2013