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Premium Vodka

It was the bar nearest their station that was still open. The elegant bottle somehow appealed to his buddy. It looked like a crystal religious icon and Repoman's buddy ordered two White Angel vodkas. Two elegant glasses were placed on the altar like bar, the drink was poured with a grandeur and importance you would associate with communion blessing.

"16" whispered the barman.

By now Repoman had arrived and had witnessed all of this. Repoman's buddy was in shock, "16!?"

The barman looked uncomfortable and replied from his script: "White Angel premium vodka, it's proudly distilled in a village in Belgium to secret family formula drawing on 1000s of years of tradition. Since its limited release to selected outlets in 1995 White Angel has entered the general lexicon as bywords for 'exclusivity and quality'. I'll fetch the manager, he's a 'Brand Ambassador' and can tell you more."

While the barman was away Repoman necked his vodka. He pulled a plain flask out of his pocket and refilled the glass.

The manager arrived and before he could speak Repoman barked "Taste it, then speak!"

The manager sipped the drink, washed it around his mouth, swallowed and smiled.

"White Angel is like no other vodka" said the manager with satisfaction.

"A Fuck is a Fuck and no Fuck's a joke" replied Repoman.

Repoman put his flask down on the bar, paid and they left. The manager read the label of the flask, "Vodka" was all it said.

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submitted at 3:29pm

8 December 2007