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Regarding the Personal Habits of Trolls: A Love Story

1. Trolls do not appreciate clean bathrooms or warm towels or folded clothes. Trolls like to walk around under bridges, and let warm mud squish up between their toes.

2. Some people would say that trolls are not very bright, but their mothers know better.

3. It is best not to disturb a trollís rest. If you do, and then you try to make him go to school, he will howl and cry and beat the trees with his club.

4. Trolls do not like to brush their teeth. They have bad breath and cavities. But their mothers will kiss them anyway.

5. Trolls like to eat pizza and cookies and sometimes grubs. All trolls love ice cream.

6. Trolls live with their mothers until they are completely grown and maybe longer so that their mothers will not be lonely.

7. If you give a troll armor that will protect him against almost everything, he will be your friend.

Story by:

Sarah Black

submitted at 3:07am

28 April 2009