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The Prince and the Slipper

Queen Sasha sat on a burgundy velvet pouffe at her dressing table. Her handmaiden Carnella plaited her long tresses and coifed them around her head. Carnella gently nudged the queen's head forward and secured her braids with gold combs embellished with diamonds and sapphires.

Justine, the queen's nurse, knelt and bathed her majesty’s feet with rose water.

The queen jerked her head back and pointed to the hem of Justine's frock. "Stand and raise your garment at once!" she demanded.

Justine stood, curtsied, and raised the front of her dress.

"I knew I saw toes. Where are your stockings and shoes?"

Justine trembled, her eyes lowered.

Queen Sasha bolted from her pouffe and stormed through her privy chamber. Her braids unraveled as she marched down the palace hallway between the gold-framed life-sized portraits of the king's ancestors. Her voluminous petticoat swayed over her ample hips.

The queen flung the door open to her son's room and snatched the lavender duvet off him.

Prince Penix reclined on satin bed covers, naked except for Justine’s stockings and shoes. His hands covered his private parts.

"You've done it again!" Queen Sasha shouted. "This must stop immediately. I command you to burn your shoe collection. And tonight at the ball, if you as much as look at a pair of slippers, I shall have you banished."

Story by:

Pam Hauck

submitted at 4:49am

28 April 2009