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Drew Carey Is No Bob Barker

Helen finished watching "The Price is Right" and switched off the TV. She was still waiting for Bob Barker to come back. Drew Carey was okay, but heís no Bob Barker, thatís for sure. Bob Barker was an M-A-N.

Lunch was mystery meat, powdered potatoes and tasteless carrots. When Helen returned from the dining hall to her tiny room, she checked the clock on the wall, a constant reminder of time, or the lack of it.

"Miss Cannon, time for your meds."

A prissy little nurse, Brandi or Heather or something-or-other, came in with the ten or twelve pills she took at noon, and a cup of tepid tap water. Why couldnít they have regular names anymore? Where are all the Brendas and Margies? Why couldnít she just have a little ice, for Godís sake?

"Thank you, dear." She remembered her manners. "Iíll be taking my nap now, like usual."

"Yes maíam. We wonít disturb you." Something-or-other smiled sweetly, and left. Helen checked the clock and shivered in anticipation.

After just a few minutes, the door cracked slightly. Elmer, with his ice blue eyes and snow-white hair, shuffled in. She met his gaze and her face flushed. He was an M-A-N.

Story by:

Vickie Clasby

submitted at 5:09pm

28 April 2009