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Standing on a Ledge

Once upon a time, there was once. Upon a time forgotten by everyone once, where could I have misplaced my thoughts? Dropped them like spare change, fell into the gutter, slid down a drain that disappeared under the chilled street. I wept at my loss, once upon a time.

Michael left, once upon a time. When my only memories, his eyes magnetized my very body, drew me close, begged to release me from my frozen steppes, his neck which tempted my lips for a kiss, the curvature of his waist that caused my arms to grasp his hips in longing once... upon a time.

Remember back when we met once... Santa Monica restaurant. Before he sat, he grabbed the corner of the tablecloth. I was going to protest...he yanked very hard. Nothing moved or shivered with the exception of one crystal wine glass, which threatened to topple over. With his right hand he caught the falling object before it could be broken. It seemed all planned. As he put it back in its position in the place setting, he looked at me and said, "Magic!"

I was hooked at once... upon a Friday night, for three years. Our only enemy - time.

When I fought back the urges to erase every part of me as if I were a misbegotten thought of some almighty figment of collective imagination, I swallowed, gulped, inhaled a deep breath and then exhaled so I could sense the eternity of that place between in and out... once upon a time.

Story by:

Bridget Bennett

submitted at 11:19pm

29 April 2009