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A Nasty Cut

"I miss my dead girlfriend," Roger told Madam Majestic. "How much would it cost to resurrect her?"

"A hundred dollars and the tip of your index finger."

"Will her body be fresh enough for a night of love?"


After he paid, Madam put his hand on a cutting board and sliced off the tip of his finger. He’d never felt such horrific pain.

His girlfriend appeared in his bedroom at midnight. Her rotted corpse stank and was full of leaking cavities. The one Roger craved most oozed green goo.

Nauseated, he shouted, "Be gone foul spirit!"

"I can return only if you give me a piece of your freshly butchered flesh as an offering to the Lord of Darkness," she said.

Offering his little finger, he shuddered when a cleaver appeared in her putrid hand.

The chop came so swiftly, Roger didn’t feel any pain in his hand.

That’s when he realized she’d chopped off something more valuable than a finger.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 6:50pm

30 April 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 107 magazines and 30 anthologies.