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It happens to the best of us

He was a committed bachelor. Not in the Daily Mail, "he was a committed bachelor and fan of stage musicals" type, but a randy-as-hell, lock-up-your-daughters, stick-it-in-anything-that-moves bachelor. And he had been that way since he was a teenager. Never once, in the twenty-something years since he "discovered girls", did he ever stop to consider he was looking for love. Unlike many 30-something bachelors, he truly loved his "single" marital status. Going home to a cupboard full of long shelflife foods and high tech gadgets made him feel good, not bad.

And yet, lying beside him was someone who had in one night, changed everything. This morning, he woke up early not to slip away, post-it note excuse stuck to the mirror with a promise to call, but to just stare at the sonambulent beauty by his side. "Oh, Mali", he sighed.

The Sun was starting to creep above the horizon and its warm hues began to illuminate the outline of Mali's perfect breasts, the curve of her hip and her pert bottom against the thin white bedsheet. He thought of last night - a wondrous night. The things they had done together; to each other. He still felt the glow. His excitement was starting to grow. He gently brushed his hand over Mali's hip, down her leg to her knee, then back up her thighs, where he tenderly caressed her penis.

She had something the others didn't.

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submitted at 4:00pm

11 December 2007