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We all been there

Rolling out of Garberville hungover as all hell I feel like shit. I should have just stayed in bed and Iím sure that if I get pulled over I would be up shit creek. I stop at the last gas station before leaving civilization to fill up and as Iím grabbing a coffee and a sandwich that shitty feeling comes over me, stomach roiling like an angry sea. Fuck. I get to the car and manage to set my stuff down on the roof and itís chunk-blowing time. All I could do was bend over so nobody could see me and just let it go, streams of hot steaming puke hitting the cold asphalt.

"Damn dude," I hear from behind me, "holy shit man thatís fucked up..."

I turn around, puke hanging in a big string off my lips, and see a dude in tie-dye and another dude in army surplus camo smoking a joint the size of a hot dog. The dude in the tie-dye gives me the thumbs up and they both are giggling.

"Want a hit of this bad boy? It might settle your stomach."

I wipe the mess off my face with my sleeve and think about just waving them off , but then I think what the fuck and walk over to them.

"Thanks man, I feel like shit," I say and take a hit and then my head feels like itís going to explode and I bust out coughing so hard I feel like Iím going to puke again.

"We all been there man," army surplus guy says to me smiling.

Story by:

Stacey Graham

submitted at 4:16am

3 May 2009

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