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Linda glanced over towards Andrew's cubicle for the third time in quick succession. He was still staring at his screen with an expression Linda could not read. Was it shock? Anger? He hadn't moved for the past few minutes and who could tell how long he had been like that before Linda first noticed?

"Huh-mm". Linda hoped she had struck a nonchalant tone. "Do you want a coffee, Andy? I'm just going over to the machine...?"

Too late, Linda realised the raised inflexion at the end of the sentence. She was trying too hard.

Andrew slowly turned towards her, and then she realised that he had been staring at a blank screen. A blank blue screen.

Linda's eyes started to widen; her mouth started to form an "O". A flash of light from the corner of Andrew's cubicle and she found herself staring at the polystyrene ceiling tiles and felt a warmth spreading over her legs and stomach. She wondered whether she had fainted and peed herself, when Andrew stood over her and emptied two more bullets into her skull.

"Blue screen of fucking death!"

Andrew did not submit his management report that month and was summarily let go.

Story by:


submitted at 4:30pm

11 December 2007