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A Scientific Breakthrough, With Drawbacks

I was drinking a coffee on a terrace when I suddenly heard a terrible barking. I looked in the direction of the noise, wondering what was going on.

The man next to me saw my reaction and said: "That must be old Harry again. Look, there he is."

I saw a bunch of dogs appear from around the corner. They ran past us while they barked as if their lives depended on it. A few seconds later they were already gone again and the noise died away.

"That was old Harry indeed," my neighbour said. "He always drives all the dogs mad."

"I donít understand what youíre talking about," I had to admit.

"Harry likes experimenting with the invisibility serum he invented," the man explained. "Itís quite a scientific breakthrough."

"Oh, thatís why we didnít see him."

"Exactly. But the dogs can smell him, and smelling a man they canít see drives them crazy. Poor Harry always has to run for his life."

"Thatís awful," I remarked. "He really should start work on developing an unsmellability serum as well. That should solve his problem."

Story by:

Frank Roger

submitted at 9:45pm

6 May 2009

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