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Requiescat in Pacem

"Look, the gravediggers are setting a new headstone. Hers has a picture. Thatís no fair."

"It is a nice touch, though. Itíll keep her memory longer."

"She is pretty, though, isnít she? At least in the picture. Whatís her name?"

"Looks like Elizabeth."

"Her familyís crying. Nice to see feelings for the old."

"And so dressed up. How often do they come in jeans and tennis shoes?"

"Theyíre not putting her between Willard and Mary Jane, are they?"

"No, between the Frenchman and the Dutchman."

"Wonít that be interesting for those two?"

"Oh, no worry there. They were babies during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic."

"At least Mary Jane wonít have to worry about Willard."

"Welcome, Elizabeth. What a nice family you have."

"Thank you, but they didnít all come. Never could get them all together. Some are still feuding. Not much of my stuff left to fight over, but theyíll always have something to quarrel about."

"The living soon get weaned away from the memory of us. But that picture. That was swell."

"Iím glad you like it. I told them thatís what I wanted."

"Well, picture or not, if they didnít pay extra, the stones, you know, get overgrown around here fast."

"How can I get any rest here if I have to keep worrying about them out there? Oh well, theyíll probably use what I left for the party... my farewell...

Story by:

James Stark

submitted at 6:38pm

9 May 2009