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Boy Meets Girl

Long story. Cut short.

Boy meets girl. Girl loves boy. But boy not sure. Boy gets sure. Too late. Girl loves another boy. Boy turns out to be man. Man gets done. Boy gets called as witness. Girl gets wise. Man goes down. Boy gets back with girl. Girl's sister likes boy. Boy gets to like sister. Sister and boy run off. Girl desperate. Girl pregnant with boy's baby. Baby scan reveals twins. Girls tells boy. Boy gets back with girl. Boy to be good father. Sister pregnant too. Scan reveals triplets. Boy is father of five before seventeen. Boy gets social service help. Boy runs off with case worker. Case worker feels guilty. Boy confused. Case worker kills himself. Boy distraught. Boy goes back to mother. Mother with man. Man that got sent down for going with boy's girl. Girl that boy had twins to before going with her sister. Sister that had triplets. Long before boy came out. Turns out boy likes girls and boys all along.

As I say. Long story.

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 9:00pm

9 May 2009

Phil Doran's web: