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Hmmm, looks like we got ourselves a reader...

"Ever noticed how as soon as you think you know where your life is going and a modicum of security and direction is established, that is normally when things begin to feel their most boring and routine. If chaos is the red pill, are slippers the blue pill?

How deep does the rabbit hole actually go?"

Audrey always looked forward to reading the Monday morning updates to the cubicle walls, that the Uni students had left over the weekend shifts. "One day these kids will be running the country" she thought with a glow of pride.

"Anyway, that's my comfort break over, back to till No#3 before Gary goes for tannoy power trip number seventeen of the day!!!"

Audrey, again, vowed to stop talking to herself in the toliet.

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submitted at 4:06am

13 May 2009