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Domestic violence

How on earth was she going to escape this time? Sue’s eyes darted nervously left and right as she ran, panting. She was getting tired. Bob was close behind her, just out of sight, calling out to her, threatening her, just like all those times before. She knew he would get her eventually. He always did.

"There's no getting away, Sue!" her husband yelled out, his voice coarse. She touched her neck and saw the blood read smear on her hand,from the last time he’d hit her, just before she'd run off.

It was always like this. He wouldn't give up until he had it out of his system. How much longer could she put up with this? How much longer would any woman put up with this? Enough was enough. She'd tell him that. If she dared. As soon as he had calmed down. Bitterly she remembered how often she’d promised herself the same thing already.

As tiny branches brushed her face, she knew she’d made another mistake. She shouldn’t have left the road. In the woods, he was a lot faster than she was. And more cunning. Anytime now he would be upon her and all she could do was bear it until it was over.

Sure enough, a minute later he popped up, not behind her as she’d expected, but right in front of her. Sue gasped with surprise. She saw his face, grim with the grin of the winner. The impact knocked her of her feet, and she fell.

"Gotcha !" Bob hissed. And grinned again.

Sue sat up and looked as the red paint dripped from her worn out coveralls. "Yeah, sure. But next time, can't we just go bowling ?"

Story by:

Karel Smolders

submitted at 12:05pm

13 May 2009