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Under the Weather

Ellen let go of the cinderblock. Her body jolted forward; for an instant, it seemed that her startled soul had been left behind, but then she felt herself falling. Ellen tried to remember what she had read. "Drowning is a very peaceful death," the article had stated emphatically. "The initial panic is short-lived, followed by an intense serenity."

"How do they know?" wondered Ellen.

The cold was like a thousand stinging bees. Ellenís heart lurched and bucked.

She closed her eyes and swallowed.

Suddenly, it was warm. Ellen opened her eyes. Silence greeted her. Silence, and sky-colored water, shot with golden shafts of impossible light. Where did the darkness go? She was drifting downward, through schools of startled, pouting fish and mysterious turtles. She could hear a faint silver sound from somewhere below. Ellen closed her eyes again, suspended in bliss.

Far above, the black waves roistered and roiled in the screaming wind. Below, the patient crabs waited, claws uplifted in joyous praise: Even at the grave, we make our song. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Story by:

Suzanne Jubenville

submitted at 4:54pm

13 May 2009