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Mother's Fault

Motherís fault was she loved too much. Too much to let daughter Esther fall short of perfection in the eyes of the Lord and her own steely view. Motherís love was felt broomstick-hard amid hours of forced kneeling; heard in sobbing desperate prayers or in the whistle of a swinging electrical cord. Absorbed in the darkness of a locked closet, a rebellious soul deprived of food, light, water and words can understand the dangers of hell.

Motherís one failing was leniency. She allowed Esther to entertain too many sinful thoughts. A motherís God-given duty was to protect her child from corruption. Mother eventually wheelchair-dwindled into dust, was shelved above the fireplace and now advised Esther through glittering silverplate.

It soon became clear how right she was. Mother had seen through Estherís suitors, smooth talk and flowers when all they wanted was a whore to lie with in the dirty bed. The first man escaped with his soul unrepentant. The second was persistent and gave Esther her own mothering responsibility.

But he thought he could drink and hit and dishonor the Sabbath, all under pretense of unsanctified love. He came home drunk, and after abusing Esther in dark lust, passed out. Esther exorcised his black heart with six inches of stainless steel. Mother approved. When Esther rolled the devilís car and his baby into the cleansing waters she knew it was for their own good.

Loving too much, that was a motherís fault.

Story by:

Bill Kowalski

submitted at 6:09pm

13 May 2009